Ashfield Historical Society

Time Travelers Ball

Ashfield Historical Society Museum sign

Saturday, May 11th 6-10pm at the Ashfield Town Hall

Travel back in time and dance with us! Dress in your favorite decade's fashion from any century you want!

Free and open to everyone. Live music and dancing. Silent auction, refreshments, and more to support the Ashfield Historical Society.

The silent auction is now open for bids online.

Our Mission

The Society’s mission is to promote and carry on, through its museum and programs, educational, historical, literary, and artistic activities and research, particularly with regard to, but not limited to, the town of Ashfield, its people, its history and its surroundings; to collect, hold, preserve, exhibit, and interpret objects and records of historical value and interest to the town of Ashfield; to generate, compile and maintain an authoritative database of historical facts with sources which may be used to describe Ashfield’s past; and to receive or acquire property, real or personal, or sell or dispose of the same solely for the benefit of the Ashfield Historical Society in carrying out the aforesaid purposes.


Memorial Day Weekend–Labor Day Weekend: The museum is open every Saturday 10am–Noon, as well as for special events. Please see our Facebook page for the most up-to-date hours.

To schedule a visit during the off-season, please contact us.