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General store interior

The products shown include:

Hamlin's Wizard Oil Liniment

Swamp Root, S. Andral Kilmer, M.D.
"SWAMP-ROOT" tends to promote the flow of urine thereby aiding the kidneys in their necessary work of eliminating waste matter." (A full, apparently unopened bottle is inside the orange box.)

Coburn's Castor Oil, Springfield, Mass.

Sulphur and Cream of Tartar Lozenges.

Necco Sweets, Crystalized Creams, Peppermint.

Tally Ho Chocolates, Kibbe Brothers, Springfield, Mass.

Pop Corn Sandwich, Boston Confectionery, Cambridge, Mass.

Durkee Pepper

Berkshire Hills Brand Fancy Boneless Codfish, "Prepared for Butler Coal & Grain, Adams, Mass."

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