Past Newsletters

Newsletters are mailed as a courtesy to members of the Ashfield Historical Society, and are available to be picked up at the AHS Museum store by non-members.

Links to samples of past newsletters are provided below.

Fall, 2005:

New from the Museum Store; Gifts to the Museum; Annual Meeting Reports; Notes from Ashfield Gravestones; Ancestor Queries; Mary Lyon in Stockbridge, New York; Remembering Ester (Smith) Green; Preserving the Town Records; Website Update.

Spring, 2005:

Remembering Malcom Clark; Who Was Heber Honestman; Thoughts About a Road that Started at Heber's Fence; Gifts to the AHS; Ancestor Queries; Ashfield Gravestones; Website Returns.

Fall, 2004:

Schooling in Ashfield, Early Days; A Nineteenth-Century Teacher; Genealogy at the AHS; Excerpts from the Annual Meeting; Now Available at the Museum Store; Mystery Photo!