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Bedroom exhibit

One of the unique items in the bedroom is this black doll, made Mrs. Cook in the mid 1800's for her children George, Jennie, and Richard. The doll depicts Peter Wells, a black man who lived in Ashfield.Blakdoll.jpg - 25668 Bytes Peter Guinea, or Peter Wells, was born in Guinea, Africa in the eighteenth century and taken by a slave trader from there when about seven years old. He was held a slave in Connecticut and belonged to Dr. Bartlett's father. He married a woman known only as 'Sue.' At that time, the status of slaves as property in the north was uncertain. Peter asked Sue's master what he would take for her. The master replied, 'You can take her and pay me what you are a mind to, something to answer the law.' Peter paid two coppers. Shortly thereafter, he and Sue ran away and followed Dr. Bartlett to Ashfield. They lived in a cabin where Chester Bronson's house now stands." (From History of Ashfield, Vol. I, pp. 142-3.)

The plot of land Peter worked is still known as "Peter Hill" today.